LEGENDS is a series of fantasy sci-fi short stories created by Benjamin Ah kuoi. These short stories will focus on the lives of different characters that collectively all belong to a single grand series of novels that is still in the works. Taking on this fantasy story consist of building a whole new world from the ground up while trying to give everything meaning in a way that makes sense to the reader. Before creating characters, countries, languages, and a world map, I had to create plots and a scaling system for “magic powers” which was a heavy task on its own. In the process, I came up with a plethora of different characters and powers that I personally fell in love with. So I decided to give them all a back story to support how and why each character is who they are. I soon ran into the realization that I have been creating stories for characters that range from support characters to having hardly any time in the main story at all. It seemed that I had wasted months of time creating these background stories instead of focusing on the main story but I have no regrets. I’m proud of the time I took to give each character big or small a meaningful existence in this world. Some of these characters will play a significant role in the main novel while some may not but all of these LEGENDS will indeed play their part in the war to come and whether they’re reason to join the fight is good or bad, is completely up to you.

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