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I am a 25 year old freelance writer from Los Angeles that specializes in I.T. and technology. I am also an aspiring author in the process of completing a fantasy novel that's in the works at the moment. Passionate about videogames, anime, music, craft beer, and all things pop culture. I have roughly about 4 years experience as a writer/blogger. A little over 2 years writing articles and reviews on craft beer for The Alpine Village weekly newsletter and Beer Paper LA. I've also wrote for a personal blog of mine for almost 2 years. Mainly about music and anime. I moved from Southern California to St. George Utah to attend college at Dixie State University where I have lived for about 4 years now. I'm currently a mentor at a residential treatment facility for at-risk teens as well as a resident manager at a shelter & crisis center. On my free time I love to study and write about today's modern technology and all the revolutionary advances of tomorrow.