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GG NEWS pulls all the latest & greatest news in geek culture from all over the world wide web, and brings it together in one place for your one stop source in news that interest YOU. On this episode we talk about some highly anticipated Spring 2019 anime & a few to keep a lookout for. Lightsaber dueling, officially a sport in France and what google search almost broke the internet finding possible evidence of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Avengers Endgame. All this & more on THE KILLFEED.


Razer’s highly anticipated wireless mouse & keyboard for the xbox one
dubbed “The Razer Turret” is almost here and we’re excited. Not only is it
aesthetically pleasing with Razer’s signature Chroma lighting that’s completely customizable with 16.8 million color options, it’s packing some serious hardware underneath the hood with a 2.4GHz wireless connection and up to 40hrs of battery life to hold you down through multiple gaming seshes. Although almost every mouse and keyboard is now Xbox compatible with Microsoft’s latest system update, The Turret will have a dedicated Xbox home button, a retractable mouse mat, a built-in ergonomic wrist rest, and more. The Turret is set for a March 31st release date but preorders have already begun so make sure you get yours ASAP. I’ll be honest, Most of the games I play frequently are highly competitive such as Overwatch, Black Ops 4, Fortnite, and now Apex Legends; so I bought remotes like the Scuf for PS4 and the Elite for Xbox One to give myself a new peak in performance and boy the results were night and day. So much so, that I can never play with a regular remote again. The Turret’s release will bring an all new potential in peak performance for console players. I believe this will become the new meta for all console players in a couple years if not less. Let me know in the comments if you agree or not. Full Features & Specs HERE

2.) Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in Avengers Endgame

It all started with an Instagram post from the Australian Actor back in Jan 7th of him working out. What peaked fan’s interest wasn’t his amazing biceps but more so a hashtag the star left behind #cameo. This led to a surge of google searches, one in particular “famous Hugh Jackman movies” that saw Avengers Endgame in the decorated actor’s list of movies hes been in and some future titles yet to be released. Word of this spread like wildfire as Marvel fans were in a frenzy to learn more about the star’s role in the upcoming Marvel film. Turns out this was all a hoax by some trolls that edit Hugh’s Wikipedia page to be in the film’s “POST CREDIT SEEN” as “WDAM WARLOCK”. Sites such as Wikipedia and IMDb can easily be edited by anyone on the web. The troll’s typo’d excerpt was eventually cleaned up by Wikipedia editors but not before making all of us fanboys look like fools. Though this might’ve been a letdown, our dreams of seeing an Avengers/X-men crossover could be coming soon and could still make Avengers Endgame as Marvel could gain rights of all FOX owned Marvel characters as soon as the end of March. Personally I would love to see The Hulk vs Wolverine comics and animations get a full studio film behind it. Comment below what film and characters you would want to see together when Disney finalizes the deal to buyout FOX. Also here’s a list of all the characters Marvel Studios will be getting back the rights to from FOX.


Niantic, the company behind the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go, is worth a whopping $4 billion dollars today and there’s no sign of slowing down. Pokemon Go launched on July 6th 2016 and was the number one downloaded app worldwide for a time. But sadly, the flavor in my chewing gum outlasted the Poke craze. The nostalgia factor plus all the hype surrounding the game lured a lot of players, but unfortunately the game system was fairly new and with that came many flaws and bugs, not to mention lack of content to sustain such a high player base. 6 months after its release the game was dead in the water, hanging by a thread from the diehards. 2017 saw it’s developers fixing bugs and it’s flawed Pokemon gym system while implementing new features like weather-based gameplay, daily research tasks, Pokemon raid bosses as well as the release of Legendary Pokemon & Shiny Pokemon. While Niantic spent its first year stabilizing it’s core gameplay, 2018 was dedicated to rolling out groundbreaking features and in-game events. Adding friends and sending them gifts, the long awaited trading system, and now PvP battles are all live in game. Also 4 out of the now 8 generations of Pokemon are available in game so far. The game has major events in the real world like their annual Pokemon Go fest as well as international events known as the Safari Zone. Not only that, they have in-game events players worldwide can participate in like community day where one Pokemon appears very frequently for 3hrs and the chance to catch the shiny version of that Pokemon is significantly increased to about a 1 in 25 ratio give or take. Niantic is constantly updating the game with new limited time events weekly, plus a new legendary raid boss every month. And with the Nintendo Switch titles Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Lets Go Eevee released, the two games can interact with each other giving those who play both exclusive bonus rewards like the mystery box. Summer 2018 saw Pokemon Go’s highest number of players than anytime since its massive launch in summer 2016 with 147 million players and the numbers only seem to be going up. With all these great features and Niantic shooting out new content & events at such a fast pace, I think it’s safe to say that Pokemon Go is back and firing on all cylinders.

4. Amazon Go Stores

From Pokemon Go to Amazon Go, the new wave in today’s age is everything on the go. Amazon, the number one e-commerce company in the world has created a concept of a “cashier-less” convenience store where customers grab what they need then simply “just walk out” as their store slogan advertises. Amazon had a few locations only available to employees as a beta and proof of concept so to speak before opening its first Go store to the public on January 22nd 2018. Today there’s about 10 stores opened within a year with 4 locations in Seattle and Chicago each and 2 in the San Francisco area. Amazon has plans of expanding to about 3,000 stores in the next two years, but so far no confirmation has been set of plans in motion. So how does it work? Well first off your wallet won’t be necessary (ID if you plan to buy alcohol). All you need is your smartphone and the amazon go app downloaded. You’ll need an Amazon account with your debit/credit card information linked to it so if you’ve ever bought anything on you’re good to go. You open the app and scan your QR code into the kiosk and that will allow you access to the store. The store is loaded with everything from meal kits, freshly prepared food and snacks to liquor, coffee mugs, and toothpaste. Once you have all you need, just walk out. No cashier or self-automated kiosk needed. Once you walk out, you’ll usually get a receipt of purchase via the Amazon Go app within a few minutes. How does Amazon keep track of what you purchased? The store is hardwired with several different technologies at work including computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion to automate much of the purchase. It keeps track of what you’ve grabbed and put in your bag and also what you’ve put back on the shelf so you don’t end up with an accidental charge. There are actual on-site human workers but their job is to help customers with any problems or concerns, prepare ready to eat meals, and check ID for any customers purchasing alcohol. Scan, grab, and go. It’s as simple as that.


Spring 2019 is a good season for Anime. A lot of blockbuster anime make their return, while some popular mangas are finally getting their animated adaption debut. Here are two highly anticipated anime of 2019. From hardcore anime watchers to casuals, we’re all familiar with our legendary bald-headed hero Saitama and his Cy-boy apprentice Genos. One Punch man makes its return in April but unfortunately Madhouse, the studio that brought us season one won’t be returning because of scheduling issues. J.C. Staff. will instead be taking the helm for season two. Can this new studio keep the hype and momentum of season one alive? Or has the changing of guard doomed this project from the start? Comment your thoughts down below. The next anime making its 2019 debut is called Fire Force. It’s year 198 of the Solar Era in Tokyo, special fire units are summoned when humans are spontaneously combusting into flames by demonic forces called “infernals”. Our main protagonist, Shinra Kusakabe, who gained the nickname “Devil’s Footprints” for his ability to ignite flame from his feet, joins Special Fire Force Company 8 to combat these infernals. But, a hostile group appears that is creating infernals as Shira begins to uncover the truth behind a mysterious fire that caused the death of his family twelve years ago. The Fire Force manga is written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo most famously known for creating Soul Eater and is featured in the Weekly Shōnen Magazine with 162 chapters and counting. This series is a fire-fighting spin on Blue Exorcist mixed with Soul-Eater and the animation looks amazing. Here’s a trailer of Fire Force.

Move over Netlfix. Google is working on a streaming service that will have users wanting to “Stadia and Chill” but with video games instead of movies. You may be thinking that this will disrupt the market in some way but Stadia is Google’s answer to keep things exactly the way they are. In 2018, YouTube accumulated more than 50 billion watched hours of gaming content. Today Google gets more than 200 million active users on Youtube watching gaming content daily. But with Microsoft, Sony, and Amazon already making efforts to move portions of their gaming experience to the cloud, this may disrupt the way people share and create their video game content. With Stadia, you can go from watching a Youtube video of a content creator streaming a game to playing that same game on the same exact device within seconds. Imagine watching a Youtube ad for the highly anticipated “Cyberpunk 2077” videogame and at the end of the ad there was a link that said “Play Demo Now On Stadia”. Then when you opened the link, you were immediately transported in-game. No download, No console to turn on and load up. Whether on your phone, tablet, laptop, or tv you’ll be able to stream and play videogames via the cloud. The Stadia Controller looks like a standard gaming remote but with two very important buttons displayed. The capture button is designed for sharing to YouTube with the press of a button, while the Assistant’s inclusion button helps gamers who are stuck on a certain level or need some tips and tricks to have an upper hand on the competition by referring them to related Youtube videos. It’s Google’s genius way of sending traffic back and forth from Stadia to Youtube with the press of a button. But the futures in our imagination is limited to the reality of today’s capabilities. There’s a lot of concerns regarding quality of streams from different devices with different specs and also wondering if only users with high-speed internet will be able to use this service normally? I suspect more details will be revealed in the early months of 2019.

Microsoft’s 2nd generation of the HoloLens is currently in development and is in the pre-order stage. The mixed reality HoloLens brings the real world and virtual objects together in a pair of glasses to Immerse the user in a whole new augmented experience. More holograms are seen as the field of vision has been greatly increased this time around. Text and intricate details on 3D images are more easily and comfortably seen with top-notch resolution. They really focused on convenience and comfort with a dial-in fit system for longer wear time and a visor that slides up when you’re ready to switch out from mixed reality. Don’t worry about having to take off your normal prescription glasses as the visor slides right over them for your convenience. No wire or external packs getting in your way. All you need is a wi-fi connection and you’re ready to go. Touch, grasp, and move holograms in ways that feel natural. You can log-in instantly and safely using just your eyes and even perform voice commands in very noisy environments. Solve problems in real time
by sharing what you see with your peers in different locations anywhere in the world while staying hands-on with your work. Bring up schematics, diagrams, and data information to analyze while working to work more efficiently and with fewer mistakes. You and others can also walk a site or explore a festival through the eyes of a single person. This item can also be a hot commodity for Youtube vloggers as it gives a way more personal view for watchers as they can see exactly what the vlogger can see and they won’t have to carry a camera around in one hand everywhere they go. The HoloLens is as practical as it is fun to use but comes with a hefty $3500 price tag. Whether it’s an investment to improve work performance at the lab or just a new shiny toy to play with, you’ll definitely see the future with Microsoft’s HoloLens 2.

Red Dead 2 Online is in a state of emergency as far as player base is going. Since it’s release in November, Red Dead 2 Online has labeled itself as a “Beta” to let fans know that the multiplayer mode is still in a developmental stage but how can that be when it’s been 3 months with no updates and Rockstar has already rolled out an online store feature where players, through micro-transactions can exchange real money for in-game currency. The thought of implementing a micro-transaction system in an incomplete game is a little unsettling to many. But many think the “Beta” tag is just a poor placebo attempt to make up for the developer’s lack of content. With 6 main missions and about 30 different side missions of the same regurgitated content to play over and over, players had run out of things to do and quite frankly just stopped playing the game due to boredom. Don’t get me wrong, the game is amazing and riding, hunting, and robbing with my buddies is a blast but we literally had completed, earned, and bought everything that was available to us and that was within the first month. Player’s rejoiced when Rockstar finally rolled out it’s first big update in late February. Unfortunately, the update wasn’t quite what fans were expecting after 3 long months of waiting. Here are the patch notes for the latest Red Dead 2 Online Update. Let us know what you think of the latest update and what new features you would like to see in the comments below.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Update Version 1.06 Patch Notes
-New Gameplay -New Weapons
Daily Challenges Rare Shotgun
Fool’s Gold Evans Repeater
Target Races
Fishing Challenges
Showdown Modes
-New Clothing
-New Emotes
-World Enhancements
-Updated Player Radar and Visibility
-Easier Parley and Feuds
-Enhanced Law and Bounty System

You heard right. The FFF (French Fencing Federation) has recognized lightsaber dueling as an official sport. The French Fencing Federation has made this move in an attempt to attract a younger generation of fans and participants to the sport. The illuminate “blade” is made out of polycarbonate so don’t expect there to be any plasma burns in these bouts and even though the weapons may be blunt in nature, the sheer force that these weapons are being swung at is more than enough to cause an injury so protective padding and a helmet is required. Lightsaber dueling is much like fencing in design but with a specific set of rules that differentiate it from fencing. For instance, the point of the lightsaber must reach behind a fighter before each strike. The purpose behind this is to cause fighters to use a large sweeping motion instead of quick stabs like in original fencing. Another intention of the large sweeping motion is to make combat more aesthetically pleasing much like it’s movie counterpart. Other than that, the sport’s rules and scoring system are similar to fencing. Points are awarded depending on where the blade makes contact. Strikes to the head grant you five points while arms and legs give you three and finally one point given for hits to the hand. The first to 15 points or whoever scores the closest to 15 in the three minute round is the winner. Will this sport gain the appeal that it’s been aiming for? And will we be seeing the legendary Star Wars Kid come out of retirement? Comment your thoughts down below.


2019 Has already seen a few talents parting ways with the mega wrestling promotion. Talents such as Tye dillinger, Tj perkins and Hideo Itami are just a few among a handful of wrestlers that have been granted their request of leave. Superstars part ways with WWE all the time but most of them leave when either they’re out of their prime or get into some kind of trouble. So why are many young talents that are in their prime choosing to part ways with the brand that is the absolute pinnacle of professional wrestling? Word around the web is that some talent are unhappy with their role in the business while some are starting to see that there is life wrestling outside of WWE. News swirling around the web as to whose supposedly leaving and whose staying and with the rise of other wrestling promotions such as ROH(Ring Of Honor) and AEW(All Elite Wrestling) recruiting some serious talent, it looks like they can be some serious competitors. Here are some wrestlers rumored to be leaving WWE for rival promotions. Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho, The Revival, and Luke Harper.

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